Registration With The Early Childhood Commission

According to the Early Childhood Act (2005) all persons operating an early childhood institution must register with the Early Childhood Commission.The Early Childhood Act and Regulation (2005) describe the requirements that an Early Childhood Institution (ECI) must meet in order to provide the services that children need to grow and develop well.Anyone wishing to operate an ECI must now find out what is required under the law.

What is the process for Registration?

After submitting the necessary documentation and relevant fee voucher, the ECC will process your application and pass it to the inspectorate division.The inspectorate division will appoint an inspector who will arrange to visit,conduct an inspection of your premises, as well as interview the relevant personnel at the institution.After the inspector visits then an inspection report will be submitted for review.

Ensure that the ECC is notified of changes made to your Institution

There are certain changes made by law that the Commission should be notified of immediately, for example: changes in enrollment numbers, changes in the type of institution or significant changes to the physical environment.

How often do I apply for Registration

You apply for Registration every five (5) years.

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What Documents do I Need To Register?

The following documents should accompany your completed application form:

  • Proof of payment of registration fee
  • Two passport-sized photographs of the applicant
  • A reference from any two of the following:
    • A Justice of the Peace
    • A Minister of Religion
    • An Attorney-at-law
    • The Principal or the Chairman of the Board of Management of an educational institution.
    • A former employer of the applicant.
    • A Resident Magistrate or a judge of the Supreme Court.
    • A police officer above the rank of Inspector
  • A report from the Jamaica Fire Brigade stating that your institution is satisfied that reasonable steps have been taken for the prevention of fire and other disasters.
  • A report from the Public Health Department stating that your institution has been inspected and is in compliance with provisions of the Public Health Act.
  • A copy of the following must be supplied for the applicant and employees:
    • Certification of good health from a registered medical practitioner.
    • A Food Handler's Permit
    • A Police Record
    • Academic Qualification
  • Job description of each proposed employee and copy of every proposed terms of employment
  • Details of the premises or proposed premises
    • A floor plan of each building
    • A description of the structure
    • A list of furniture and equipment
    • Any other details as may be prescribed
  • Particulars of fees to be charged and proposed sources of funding

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